Liam Kaufman

Software Developer and Entrepreneur



JavaScript, HTML5, Socket.IO & Node.js

Sending files to the server, and pushing files to the client should be as easy as possible. Delivery.js uses Node.js and Socket.IO to make it easy to push files to the client, or send them to the server. Files can be pushed to the client as text (utf8) or base64 (for images and binary files). Delivery.js was featured on episode 32 of the JavaScript Show.
Delivery.js on Github

Sorting Visualization

JavaScript, HTML5, & CSS3

I decided to redo an old sorting visualization demo in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to sharpen my skills. The animation is done via jQuery, to help visuazlize bubble sort and quicksort.
View JavaScript/HTML Sorting Demo


JavaScript & HTML5

After going to a Toronto Blue Jays game on 80’s night, I noticed that all of the player’s pictures on the jumbo tron looked like computer images from the 1980’s. I decided it would be cool to create a JavaScript application that could create the same effect. The application is extremely easy to use, just drag and drop an image into the app and it will convert it for you!
View 8bitafy



pyiTunes is a small Python library that parses iTune’s Library.xml file. This allows a user to programatically, explore their iTunes library.
Read more about it and see it on Github