Liam Kaufman

Software Developer and Entrepreneur



Currently I work full-time as a developer at EventMobi. My primary focus is front-end development using Angular.js and previously Backbone.js. Additionally, I help with other parts of the stack including those built in Node.js, PHP and Python.

Until March 2013 I was working fulltime on, a web application I created that helped students voice their confusion in real-time. Since its launch Understoodit has been featured on TechCrunch, The Toronto Star,, CTV and more. In March, Understoodit was acquired by EventMobi.

Previously I worked as a software developer in the TAG Lab, at the University of Toronto. At the TAG Lab I helped to develope an iOS application for individuals with low vision and those with Multiple Sclerosis that was featured in U of T Magazine and U of T News. Outside of work I sharpen my skills by creating JavaScript based web applications and contributing to open source projects (MacGap,, backbone-boilerplate, grunt-contrib).


Before Computer Science

By 2005 I had completed a BA, and an Honours BSc, in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario that helped to cultivate interests in neurosciences and neuroimaging. In the fall of 2005 I moved to Vancouver and began working with a neurologist, at BC Children’s Hospital, helping with pre-surgical brain mapping for children with epilepsy.

In 2006 I started an M.Sc., in Medical Sciences, at the University of Toronto. While I was suppose to be working on my thesis, I became increasingly interested in programming. Initially I was learning ruby to parse my thesis data but I quickly spent more and more time programming for fun solving questions. Since I enjoyed developing software, and I was frustrated with the software that neuroscientists used, I decided I would complete my M.Sc. and then do a B.Sc. in computer science.

Computer Science

Computer science at U of T was both challenging and immensely rewarding. I enjoyed the algorithm courses, as well as the systems courses. As time progressed I enjoyed building JavaScript based web applications more and more. In part, the technologies were improving and my skill sets were making exploration of libraries and new technologies much easier.

My eclectic background has meant that I have had to work hard in a lot of different areas, such as writing, presenting and problem solving. In University I observed that good communication was an asset in every subject I studied because it helped me to explain myself in presentations, essays and even in code.